transitioning students into college and beyond!

College Clinic transitions students and parents into college and beyond through financial literacy, academic preparedness, and basic life skills. College Clinic has provided educational and college preparatory workshops to more than 10,000 middle and high school families. Our program objectives provide college access to all ranges of students from top scholars and those needing extra encouragement to continue their education after high school.

Welcome to College Clinic!

Watch this video to learn more about our eCourses and how to get started!

Hello Community & Welcome to College Clinic!

This is going to be the most exciting times of your academic journey.

I remember when I started high school with thoughts about my future.

I was so inspired about the opportunity to attend college that I was filled with hope that the things that I was “good and great at” I could use to literally make an impact my community.

I know exactly how you feel right now.

I’ve been in your shoes.

That’s why we am so honored that you chose us to help support your vision for your college application and decision process to provide you with tools and resources to enhance your already-amazing skillset. We’re off to a GREAT start!

We created the Get Me to Graduation! eCourses because we listed to students and parents that needed a help with creating a plan for what life and learning looks like after high school.

As a student of Get Me to Graduation! you will complete a Student Graduation Package including:

  • Plan A, B, C - Presentation of 3 College Choices
  • Common Application to 3+ Colleges
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • College Essay (1)
  • Letter of Recommendations (3)
  • FAFSA (if applicable)
  • Scholarship Application (3) + Tuition Comparisons
  • ACT/SAT Registration + Waiver (if needed)
  • 20 hours of Community Services

Students will be required to register for your eSchool, create a profile with your email and password to access and start your eCourse track.

Once you’re logged in, students can self-pace through the courses. The course website is fully responsive, so you can submit your assignments from your computer, tablets and smartphones.

College Clinic's digital campus enhances the learning experience and build an engaged student community. Over 100 hours of Video Tutorials + Ready-to-Use Templates are available 24/7 for students to self-pace through curriculum at their own learning speed. Quizzes helps us check in on your students’ progress. Discussion board posts spark conversations and answer questions that other students may have. Course Completion Certificates are issued to reward your students and verify their success.

We’ll also stay connected by sending you emails on a weekly basis about college resources and to remind you of other college-related dates during your academic journey.

With every course, there is homework. Even if you are late with turning in homework, please take the time to work on your Student Graduation Package. This is a flexible learning environment, and I understand the student balancing school, homework, family, and self-care. All I ask is that you show up, be present, and try. Post and share your comments in the dashboard to inspire your other classmates.

You will not grow alone on the digital campus of College Clinic. I designed College Clinic with students and parents with similar college interests, helping to support you between classes, ask questions about assignments, and to help you create your own communities of like-minded students and parents to share resources with.

Contact Information for College Clinic: [email protected]

The best form of communication is email or to leave us a voicemail. Please do not send questions through social media. Questions about homework should be addressed during class (so you’re classmates can hear the answers, too) or through email. Other questions about how to schedule additional coaching time can be emailed to Professor Brandi. Please note emails will be returned within two business days.

See you on campus!

Your Sister In Service,

Brandi Rae Hicks

CEO (College Encouragement Officer)

College Clinic